Buying An Affordable Digital Piano

Buying An Affordable Digital Piano

If you are just starting to play the piano you must strike a balance between an instrument with quality, playability, and the features you desire with the price you are willing to pay.

One of the primary considerations for beginner models is the number of keys. The standard acoustic piano has 88 keys, 52 white and 36 black.

On my search for a great digital piano, I found a model that I believe is superb. This keyboard was built sound, has great potential and amazing features. It is also quite affordable for even a beginner.

Here are 3 main types of digital pianos (depending on the brand they might go under slightly different names):

Portable Digital Piano Without Speakers- requires an amplifier and your own stand. This is great for a person that wants to further customize their set-up or wants to plug in to a professional sound system.

Portable Digital Piano With Speakers- can serve the same purpose as the above style but doesn’t require your own amplifier. This can make it much more portable, save space and money, since you don’t need to buy extra equipment. You will likely need your own stand if it doesn’t come with a matching one, and I would opt for a heavy duty folding stand so that the keyboard doesn’t wobble.

Living Room/Home Style Digital Piano – These are still quite light, but are not made to be moved around quite as much as the others. They tend to have better quality speakers and excellent touch, as well as having a wood finish made to impress. Since these are a little more expensive, I’ll cover them in more detail in another article. More at

1.Yamaha P-95

This is the entry level model in the P series. It’s designed to be compact and affordable with an on-board speaker and has an optional matching stand. The Graded Hammer Standard Action closely resembles a Yamaha upright acoustic piano’s touch.

There are a handful of extra sounds on here, but it’s about as basic as it gets while still having an acceptable level of overall quality. Depending where you go this will run you about $550-$750. If shopping used, you may come across the P-85. It’s almost identical, so it can be worth the savings.

Buying An Affordable Digital Piano
Buying An Affordable Digital Piano

2.Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano

This is a great affordable and basic full 88-key digital piano model.

The Williams Legato features five sounds: piano, electric piano, organ, synth, and bass. It also has a built-in split/layer function (which combines sounds) and a metronome.

While it’s maximum polyphony is relatively low with 32 notes, the Williams Legato features velocity-sensitive semi-weighted keys, which are moderately better than no sensitivity. Unfortunately this model does not ship with an adapter, which must be purchased separately.

This model also does not feature recording tools, LED display, or pitch bending and modulation. However, if you are just starting out, you will likely not need all of these features (moreover, many people never use them on other models).

What you will get is an inexpensive, basic full digital piano that will last you so long as you take good care of it and use it properly.

3.Yamaha P45B is an Affordable Keyboard Piano!

The graded weight action of this ivory and ebony keyboard allows your fingers to glide across this keyboard as if you where playing an acoustic piano. The Yamaha P45B is the newer version of the Yamaha P35B. It has all the main functions and core details of the P35B with a few new technologies included. This is one of best entry level and beginners keyboard on the market and it comes with a very affordable price tag. The piano sounds and feel of this digital piano keyboard closely resembles a true acoustic piano. This allows for the ease of learning without having to have a full size piano at home. Another great feature is that this keyboard is portable so that it can go anywhere you go.


88-keys: The 88-keys of this keyboard are grade weighted. They are much like an acoustic piano with the low end of the scale being heavier and the high end being heavier. This mimics a true acoustic piano and allows for more skillful playing. Also, the black keys of this digital keyboard have a matte finish to prevent your fingers from slipping. For more info, check out the article on 88-key keyboards.

Action: The action on this keyboard is Yamaha’s standard GHS or graded hammer standard. It allows for the keys to be weighted differently on the high end than the low end. Practicing piano on a GHS action digital piano allows you to have proper fingering techniques and builds stamina in your fingers.

Touch Sensitivity: The keys of the Yamaha P45B are touch sensitive, which means they respond well to different pressures. If you touch it softly the sound will be softer, if you touch it with more force the sound will be louder. This is how an authentic acoustic piano sounds.

Compatibility: This digital piano keyboard has USB to host which allows you to use different computers, phones and tablets along side your piano. This allows you the use of more apps and devices to make better quality music.

Polyphony: It has a 64-note polyphony which allows you to play a wider range of music in all different styles. It also helps from having notes drop off. More at

4.Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano

The YPG 235 is a piano that falls under the class of mobile grands. It’s at the lower end of the spectrum concerning price and production, but in no way is it not a competent machine.

It’s proven itself to be practical, long-lasting, and can adapt piano players at each level of expertise. Regardless of who you’re, you’ll have the ability to relish this Yamaha digital piano.

The YPG 235 comes with Yamaha’s Y.E.S. v.6, which stands for the sixth generation of the Yamaha Education Suite. This attribute is made specifically to educate piano players at any level the best way to play the piano, with distinct capacities for example keyboard lessons for every hand, a complete chord dictionary, as well as lessons which rate your operation.

In addition, it has great connectivity with a convenient USB port that allows for a simple link to almost any computer, enabling the piano player to bring outside content into the machine. There’s likewise an advanced new PC button which helps to prevent function varieties and ugly menu trees.

All in all, the Yamaha YPG-235 is the right response for musicians that are seeking big time technology with more keys in relation to the typical low end digital pianos. Being such a machine that is trusted, it is remarkable that it is still accessible for under $250.

5.Yamaha P-155

This does everything that the p-95 does but is an overall upgrade. The action is made to replicate a grand piano, rather than an upright. The audio samples used, are also taken from a grand piano rather than an upright, with a higher resolution sound. This is essentially the same style as the P-95 with more sounds, better sounds, and a better touch as well as a USB port for recording. It is priced at about $1000.

6.Williams Allegro 2 88-Key Hammer Action Digital Piano

For still being an inexpensive piano, the Williams Allegro 2 is a big step up from the Legato.

It features 88 keys and a 64 note maximum polyphony, which is in a much more acceptable range of this feature. Another great feature is the hammer-action keys that more closely resemble an acoustic piano.

The Allegro 2 comes with 10 sounds including classical and modern pianos, electronic keyboard, and synths. It also has more realistic reverb and vibrato effects, allowing for more control over the sounds of the instrument.

Unlike the Legato, the Williams Allegro 2 features an LCD display but it also comes with split/layer functions, and built-in metronome and speakers. Like the Legato you will need to order an adapter separate from the purchase of this instrument.

Replacing the Yamaha P35B was hard to do. Many people fell in love with that keyboard. However, the Yamaha P45B is an amazing new digital keyboard that has the same feel as the P35B except it comes with many new great technologies and new sounds. I highly recommend you take the time to get to know this keyboard. It is one of Yamaha’s best sellers. It is the best affordable piano keyboard for anyone just starting out or in need of an easy-to-use piano.