Sheepping Upgrade Baby Bath Mat Non Slip

Sheepping Upgrade Baby Bath Mat Non Slip

Sheepping Upgrade Baby Bath Mat Non Slip

Customer Reviews:

1. I bought this with adults in mind for our master bath. I was a little concerned at first about slipping on it when I use conditioner but it has been great. It covers the whole bottom & the suction is the best I’ve seen out of all the different mats I’ve tried in the past.

2. Perfect for our bathtub. Very long so it covers most of the bath and helps our toddler from slipping when he insists on standing and walking in the bath!

3. I bought the blue mat for my 1 1/2 year old grandson who loves to move around and play with his toys. This is Made well; not cheap material. It stays in place and covers a standard tub from the drain back.

4. We had to replace our kids old bath mat because it started to look as if mildew was growing on it. The main reason we chose this one was it has holes that allow it to dry more fully. We always wipe it down and hang it off to the side so that all the water can run off and it can fully dry. This material doesn’t soak up water like our previous baby bath mat nonslip.

I also love that it covers the area around the drain hole because for some reason my toddler loves to sit right there in the corner. He also has a bad habit of standing up and has even tried jumping around and dancing in the tub. Luckily this mat is textured and he has yet to slip. This extra long mat covers the whole length of the tub and keeps our kids safe Great buy.

5. Works well, and it’s a decent size. I needed something to help stop my kids (ages: 4, 6, & 8) from slipping when showering and this does just that. It’s easy to clean. Thus far, I’ve not had issues with mold/mildew. It suctions well to the bottom of the tub. Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase. More at

Bad Reviews:

1. This mat is way too slippery for a baby. My daughter could barely sit in one spot on it, she kept slipping away from me which was terribly stressful. She’s 7 months. I tried to let her explore the water, she wanted to crawl and play with her toys but she literally kept slipping all over the place. It would be ok for adult use, but do not recommend for a baby. Also it says it’s machine washable, but it’s just plastic. So why would you put that in the washer?

2. This product is appealing to look at as bath mats come and relatively comfortable. I got a long one because I thought I may cover the drain plug in case baby slips and hits it. We have a standard bath tub with a very slight texture to it. Because of the texture the suction cups refuse to stick, excepts to the sides of the tub which dose not help, rendering the product useless.

3. ust received it today and using it for my 17 month old to be in the tub for the first time and was really disappointed. The suction cups don’t work ! I tried even stepping on it myself wetting it nothing worked. I had to hold her the whole time with my husbands help so she wouldn’t slip as it moves . Other than the color and length being right it was awful. More at